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Sacred Space Collection

Sacred Space Collection

Create a chic and modern Sacred Space that can serve as a place holder for your meditation and spiritual practice.

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Sacred Loungewear

Sacred Loungewear

Lounge in style with our Sacred Loungewear collection. Introducing comfort to chic.

Sacred Loungewear


  • Inspiration

    Innovative and Chic Designs for the Modern Meditator.

  • Insight

    Providing Tools to Help You Elevate Consciousness and Stay Conscious.

  • Inner Light

    Helping You Stay Connected to Your Inner Light and Infinite Wisdom.

About us

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The vision behind Conscious Life Shop, is to provide products that elevate consciousness and make enlightenment easy. We know it is about the journey not the destination and that staying conscious is constant work. That is why we work hard to create products to make your conscious journey inspirational, insightful, and spiritual. 

Our Sacred Space Collection offers one of kind items that add style to the meditation movement. We value beauty and offer you chic and streamlined meditation cushions and sacred space items like singing bowls and journals. 
Our Sacred Loungewear Collection offers comfortable and chic loungewear  for the modern meditator. 
Conscious Life Shop was founded by Tiffany Shelton, M.A., in Clinical Psychology and Conscious Lifestyle Expert. Find out more about Tiffany Shelton by clicking here


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What type of products do you offer?

We offer modern and chic items to help you create your own beautiful sacred space. We also offer meditation tools and guides to help you connect with your inner light. Finally, we also offer reflection journals, workbooks, and other media focused on conscious personal development.

What is your mission?

Conscious Life Shop believes in the elevation of consciousness and the constant evolution of beings. We know that staying conscious is vital and informs our purpose. That is why it is our mission to help you thrive within the orderly chaos of the universe, by providing content and products that evocatively elevates consciousness towards freedom and self-fulfillment.

How can I contact customer service?

For all inquiries please email